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Every Minnesota student deserves the opportunity to attend a high quality school.


Children are Minnesota's greatest natural resource. They bring us joy and hope and embody our dreams for a bright future.

Yet for too many children, especially those living in minority as well as rural communities, or in disadvantaged neighborhoods, and for families struggling to make ends meet, good educational options do not exist.

Opportunity for All Kids (OAK) was created to ensure that every Minnesota child has access to an education that will help him or her thrive.

OAK is working hard to expand educational choice so that parents can choose the best learning environment for their child. We need your help to make a difference, change lives, and create better opportunity for all kids.

Minnesota has a rich history of supporting choice in education. As early as the 1950s, Minnesota enacted a state income tax deduction for education expenses. In the 1980s, Governor Rudy Perpich ushered in the concept of public school choice through open enrollment.In 1991, Minnesota became the first state in the nation to offer a charter school option for families. And in 1997,

Governor Arne Carlson successfully pushed legislation to expand the education income tax credit to more Minnesota families.

Unfortunately, despite Minnesota's status as an education pioneer, the state has fallen behind as a leader in school choice options. During that lull in Minnesota's progress, more than 20 states have expanded choice in the form of tax credits, opportunity scholarships, and Education Savings Accounts.

OAK is determined to change the course in Minnesota and give families more and better choices for their children. We hope that you will join us in this important effort because together we can help kids reach their goals and achieve their dreams.


What Can We Do To Help More Children?

All Minnesota parents should have the right to choose the best school option for their children.

Too many families throughout Minnesota have little or no options when it comes to a good K-12 school. A child's future in life should not be determined by the zip code he or she is born in, or by a parent's economic situation. It is a fundamental right for parents to be able to raise their children and have good choices regarding their upbringing, including education.

What is OAK?

Opportunity for All Kids (OAK) is the premier advocacy organization in Minnesota focused solely on building grassroots support and advocating for parental choice in education for all families. The group formed in January 2015 and had significant initial success in moving forward legislation to create Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) and passing legislation in the Minnesota House to expand Minnesota's Education Tax Credit to cover Minnesota families and include private school tuition as an allowable expense.

OAK's mission is to ensure that every child in Minnesota has access to an education that will help them thrive. We need the help of every Minnesotan if we are to truly make a difference, change lives and create better opportunity for all kids.

OAK's Legislative Priority

OAK is poised to continue its success into the 2017 Legislative Session and is working to enact:

Minnesotans Support Private Schools & Choice

According to a survey conducted by the Friedman Foundation in April 2015, Minnesotans strongly support private schools, choice, and specifically opportunity scholarships. The survey found:



OAK sponsors and hosts events throughout Minnesota to educate citizens about parental choice in education. Additionally, OAK is holding an inaugural Minnesota Summit with legislators in late 2015 to educate state and local officials about education choice efforts in the state and across the country. As the organization continues to grow, we will host more forums and events.

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