Every Minnesota Student Deserves The Opportunity

To Attend A High Quality School.


Opportunity for All Kids (OAK) is the premier statewide advocacy organization in Minnesota focused on building grassroots support and advocating for school choice at the State Capitol.

Nearly half of our students in Minneapolis and St. Paul fail to graduate on time from high school. Minnesota has the largest achievement gap between white students and students of color in the United States. We can do better.

That's where OAK plays a significant role. OAK's mission is to ensure that every child in Minnesota has access to an education that will help them thrive. We are working tirelessly at the State Capitol to expand education choice for children and educate communities about the need for school choice.

OAK operates two main programs:

OAK at the Capitol

OAK works at the state and federal levels of government to change public policy and expand private school choice opportunities for low- and middle-income families. Too many children are trapped in low-performing schools and need better educational options.

OAK Aspire

OAK is currently working in Minneapolis with African American families in an effort to educate and provide families with financial access to high-performing private schools in the area.

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